Canadian gold producer TMAC, has recently reported improvements in their gold recovery thanks to the successful implementation and commissioning of our Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators.

Gil Lawson, TMAC’s Chief Operating Officer has said, “we have been concentrating our efforts on increasing the overall gravity recoverable gold and have already seen some encouraging improvements with the installation of our first Falcon SB400 gravity concentrator”.

Hearing how our customers are seeing financial benefits thanks to our equipment is what encourages our R&D team to continue to work on producing even more efficient gold recovery equipment. Unlike other methods of gold recovery, gravity concentration can be highly cost efficient. The Falcon SB boasts cost-saving features like low water consumption, very short rinse times (generally under a minute), and a reduced chemical requirement in downstream cyanide and flotation circuits.

Falcon SB400

Falcon SB400 Gravity Concentrator

Lawson also reported on their decision to further increase the use of Sepro gravity concentration equipment in their gold recovery system on their Doris mine in Nunavut, Canada.

TMAC’s recent metallurgical tests have indicated that at least 70% of the Doris mine contained gold can be recovered by gravity processes, but throughout 2017 only around 20% of the gold was recovered by gravity, which put severe gold overloading and stress on both the flotation and concentrate treatment plant circuits. Additionally, installation of the second concentrator line is nearing completion and it too has a Falcon SB400 gravity concentrator as part of the primary grinding circuit.

TMAC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jason Neal, stated that when available, they will be providing data on how their upgraded gold recovery system has performed this month.

If you would like to find out about how our Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator can improve metal, silver or gold recovery on your project, speak to our experts today.