Crushers and mills are high-wear pieces of mineral processing equipment and need to be serviced frequently. Particularly on shell-supported grinding mills, the ring gears, chain drive, and other critical components break often and need constant maintenance. At Sepro, our R&D department found a way to eliminate these parts to increase equipment uptime by using a Pneumatic Tire Drive system (PTD). 

Sepro’s Pneumatic Tire Drive System

The PTD is a stand-out feature included in Sepro Grinding Mills. It’s simple, effective and low maintenance. Tires are mounted on independent gearboxes providing easy serviceability. Worn-out tires can be individually removed without complicated shaft, bearing, and coupling arrangements. Here are some other advantages of our PTD system on mineral processing equipment:

  • Tires are carried on purpose-built wheel assemblies and driven by a bevel/helical gearbox directly connected to the electric motor.
  • The use of commercial truck tires can be locally sourced, minimizing downtime. 
  • Critical components such as ring gears, chain drives, steel wheels or trunnion bearings are eliminated.
  • A simple-to-use instrumental feature, dubbed the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), protects the operation from costly downtime due to under-inflated tires. Constant monitoring of tire pressure dramatically improves the equipment’s performance. 

Sepro Grinding Mill Applications

Sepro Grinding Mills come complete with a Variable Frequency Drive package which allows you to fine-tune the operation of the grinding mill based on the charge and mining application. Applications for the grinding mill include:

  • Small tonnage plants – primary grinding
  • Regrinding mills
  • Reagent prep 
  • Lime slaking

Not sure if our grinding mill will work for you? Pilot-scale mills are also available for pilot plant and bench-scale testing. 

Sepro’s Mineral Processing Equipment

Sepro’s line of crushers, mills, and screens can help improve operational efficiency and downstream processes. Speak with someone today about how our mineral processing equipment can help your current or future project.