Optimal gold recovery can only be accomplished when the right combination of process and gold recovery equipment is chosen. To choose correctly, you must first understand the type of deposit you’re dealing with. But, as in everything in our industry, things aren’t so simple. Many single ore bodies contain multiple types of gold ore, making optimal gold recovery a challenge for mineral processing engineers. 

At Sepro Mineral Systems, we specialize in optimizing gold recovery, no matter the type of ore. Contact us to learn more about our complete gold recovery solutions. 

The Three Types of Gold Deposits

Refractory, sulphide-associated, and free-milling are the three main types of hard rock gold ore you’ll find all over the globe. Gold ore can be found in many regions and countries all over the world, and in many gold deposits you’ll be able to find all three types of gold. This makes mineral testing services critical when planning a new mine.

Refractory Gold 

Refractory gold deposits pose the biggest challenge to mineral processing plants as the particles are ultrafine and found within other types of minerals. Three factors cause gold to be refractory: physical encapsulation, chemical interference, and preg-robbing minerals. It’s vital to identify the type of refractory gold so that the correct gold recovery process can be selected. Without the correct pretreatment process, economic gold recovery isn’t possible. 

Sulphide-Associated Gold

Sulphide-associated is the most common type of ore for gold production. In this type of deposit, gold is either fully encapsulated or partially liberated within sulphide particles. This makes grinding critical in the recovery process, as fine, homogeneously sized particles can be effectively recovered by intensive leaching, froth flotation, and/or gravity separation. Some forms of sulphide-associated gold can also be considered free-milling.

Free-Milling Gold

In the simplest of terms, free-milling gold can easily be liberated from other minerals during the grinding process. Then, a system of gravity separation and leaching can be used for gold recovery.

To get the most out of your free-milling gold deposit, a system of gravity separators, such as the Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator along with the Sepro Leach Reactor, is used for optimal gold recovery. 

Optimize Your Gold Recovery Process

Ore bodies all over the globe are different. Therefore, a rigorous test work program is necessary to identify the appropriate combination of process and gold recovery equipment. Sepro is uniquely positioned in the industry as we possess both the knowledge and laboratory for mineral testing services, along with industry-leading gold recovery equipment. The equipment is ready for installation no matter where your operation is located. To learn more about our gold recovery solutions, contact us today.