So you think you’ve struck it rich with the next potential gold mine? Sorry, but you’re probably mistaken. Unless you’re the luckiest person in the world, you’re not sitting on the next El Dorado. Less than 0.1% of prospective sites lead to a productive mine, and only 10% of global gold deposits contain enough gold to justify development. So you might be wondering, how does gold recovery work? What are some of those industry secrets to finding that large golden egg? Well, the real secret is in the science!

The Early Stages of Gold Recovery

Gold recovery is a complex process that requires significant time and monetary investment. At the beginning, mining companies investigate areas for the presence of gold. Unless you’re panning for gold in a river, the particles are incredibly tiny and are mixed in with other minerals like copper and silver. Advanced mineral testing is conducted on ore samples to determine the grade and type of minerals. 

Only when more information is known about the potential deposit and the local geology can the ore body be modelled. Then, the size and structure of the ore body is modelled and the optimal way to mine it is developed. 

Secret – Test Test Test!

Understanding as much as you can from a variety of mineral tests is crucial for any gold recovery project. There are many testing programs from Sepro Labs that help junior mining companies determine the feasibility of potential mines. Scoping studies and flowsheet optimizations can be tailored to the required level of detail and budget. Only when this information is gathered can confident decisions be made. 

Gold Recovery Operations

An operating gold mine will typically function from 10-30 years. This makes the testing phase critical as any small error during that stage can have a lasting impact on the operation. With the optimal flowsheet, the mining company will be able to create a gold recovery process that will yield the best results. 

Secret – Use the right equipment

Using the right equipment can be the difference in millions of dollars worth of revenue. Even the slightest drop in gold recovery rates become serious problems when looking at the entire life of a mine. Gravity concentrators like the Sepro Semi-Batch, Ultra-Fine, and Continuous Falcon models are the effective high G-force centrifugal concentrators designed to improve the efficiency of fine mineral recovery. Fine gold can often be lost to tailings, but with gravity concentrations, these fine particles can now be recovered. 

For operations using a cyanide leaching system, the Sepro Leach Reactor has proven to recover more gold from gravity concentrates than conventional physical separation methods. Extensive test work has shown over 99% target mineral recovery faster than its competitors. Essentially the Sepro Leach Reactor allows high recoveries in a shorter time keeping its footprint small. 

Using the right mineral processing equipment with the optimal recovery circuit will yield the best results for gold recovery operations. Or, of course, you could just get lucky. 

To use the real secrets of gold recovery, contact the experts at Sepro Mineral Systems