Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. is pleased to introduce the Sepro Leach Reactor 350 for mineral processing. The SLR350 is designed for high recovery of concentrate with low-cost mineral processing operations in mind.

The SLR350 was successfully installed at the Terrotoria Gold Plant located in Inta City in the Komi Republic, Russia. In August 2016. Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. was onsite to assist with commissioning and will continue to provide ongoing support.

The SLR350 will work in conjunction with a Sepro Small-Scale Mining IGR1000 Plant at a field site located 200 kilometers away. Concentrate recovered using the IGR1000 will be treated using the Sepro Leach Reactor 350.

Sepro Leach Reactor 350 – Key features

• Processes 350 kilos per batch

• Manual operation

• High efficiency

• Solution suitable for electrowinning

• No loss of fines

Improved Gold Recovery With Sepro Leach Reactors

On-site testwork has shown mineral recovery rates of over 99% are made possible with the Sepro Leach Reactor. We accomplish this by adding more energy to the leaching process through off-bottom agitation. This drives a quicker reaction, allowing us to speed up the reaction kinetics, delivering higher recovery rates along with faster leach times.

Sepro designs and supplies complete, customizable recovery circuits incorporating leaching, gravity concentration, and electrowinning based on project requirements. Laboratory units are also available for SLR testing which generates reliable data for scale-up to commercial operation. Pilot-scale machines are also supplied for field test purposes.

Sepro Leach Reactors are available in size ranges up to 16,000 kilograms per batch. Contact Sepro Mineral Systems to learn how a Sepro Leach Reactor can help improve your mineral processing operations. 

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