For difficult mineral ore and stone washing duties, Sepro’s Tire Drive Mineral Scrubbers are the optimal choice. Proven both in the lab and in the field, our innovative Pneumatic Tire Drive System is a reliable and low maintenance alternative to traditional chain and gear drive scrubber systems. Sepro is also capable of providing pilot scale testing which generates reliable data for scale up to commercial mineral processing and stone washing operations. This way we’ll be able to show you what’s possible with our Mineral Scrubber

What is Sepro’s Pneumatic Tire Drive System?

Traditional scrubbers use a system of ring gears, chains, and small steel wheels that support the drum on steel riding rings. The wear and tear on these metal components result in time-consuming maintenance and high costs. The chains and sprockets need replacing when they become worn and the metal wheels and riding rings require special attention. To keep the drum running smoothly, the riding rings require grinding on a regular basis. Without this maintenance, deformities in the riding rings can cause severe vibrations resulting in damage to the drum and the supporting structure. 

Sepro’s Pneumatic Tire Drive System uses rubber tires mounted on individual gear boxes to rotate the drum. This removes the need for trunnion gears and steel wheels, reducing pressure placed on the drum shell, increasing the longevity of the mineral processing equipment. The tires also eliminate the need to grind the riding rings, meaning you can keep your machine turning with no vibrations. A tire pressure monitoring system comes standard to ensure the equipment runs as smoothly as possible. 

Other benefits of our Mineral Scrubber include:

  • Low installation costs with no heavy foundation requirements
  • Standard off the shelf components minimize equipment downtime
  • Tires can be locally sourced
  • Units are all pre-assembled and shop tested
  • Rubber shell liners are easy to replace and have a long lifespan
  • Short delivery times

Applications for Sepro’s Mineral Scrubber 

Mineral scrubbers can be used in both mineral processing and aggregate operations. Prior to recovering valuable minerals, mineral scrubbers wash clay, laterites, and other materials before mineral recovery takes place. In aggregate operations, crushed sand, stone, and gravel are washed to remove clay contamination, soil, and rubble. 

Minerals scrubbers need to be effective for your mineral processing operation to run efficiently. To learn more about mineral scrubbers, or to find out more about Sepro’s Pneumatic Tire Drive System, contact the experts at Sepro