Did you know that Falcon gravity concentrators are a highly water-efficient option for your mining operation?
The Falcon UF and Falcon C machines do not use any fluidization water, which is unique in gravity concentration devices. Even our other machines can be relatively water-efficient compared to other options. For example, the Falcon SB reduces water consumption compared to equivalent products on the market and is great for when the target mineral is in extremely low concentration.
The Falcon Semi-Batch gravity concentrator is a popular choice for many mining operations. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:

Falcon Semi-Batch Gravity Concentrator

  • The highest uptime and utilization of any gravity concentrator in the industry
  • Uses half the water compared to competitive gravity concentrators
  • Fully automated operation providing the least amount of offline time
  • Lowest unit operating costs in the industry, with greater than 95% mechanical availability
  • The highest G forces in the industry allow for higher efficiency and recovery of very fine material

No matter your operation, it’s likely that Sepro can produce a gravity concentrator that is ideal for your mining operation’s specific needs. Not only do our products excel at complex operations such as fine gold recovery, but our engineering team is also well-versed in applying industry best standards to your operation, regardless of machinery.
For example, Sepro has developed microwave treatment of ores technology that can increase your operation’s throughput while reducing water and energy usage:

Microwave Treatment of Ores

Microwave Treatment of Ores technology that improves the ability to recycle process water by reducing the amount of fines and slimes in downstream processes. This technology also increases throughput by up to 65%.
In a case study recovering gold ore, microwave treatment of ores represented a 21% increase in metal production and a 17% increase in free gold. Overall, this represented a 5.3% increase in gold recovery. This same technology was also applied in a case study recovering copper ore, where a 54% increase in metal recovery was observed.

Simply adding microwave treatment of ores to your grinding circuit can improve mineral liberation, increase recovery, reduce grind time, and save on energy requirements. You can learn more about microwave treatment of ores here.

Gain The Sepro Advantage

Whether you’re looking to optimize your operation’s efficiency, save on costs or increase throughput, you will likely benefit from contacting a Sepro engineer to leverage our knowledge, experience, and innovation.
Sepro is committed to innovation, meaning that our products continue to improve and exceed industry standards. We have optimized best practices for gold mining around the world, with decades of experience designing and testing since 1987.
A partnership with Sepro means that you leverage our extensive R&D across multiple divisions, as well as access the technical expertise of our engineers. Sepro provides technical services including installation, automation, and staff training.
Sepro also provides stellar service, long after you purchase our industry-leading products. Need technical advice? Take advantage of our Sepro Labs division for plant audits, flowsheet development, and optimization. Need a spare part? Our global supply chain always ensures delivery of goods.
If you have any questions about our gravity concentrators or mineral processing methods, please contact a Sepro engineer today.