For this episode of the Sepro Podcast, our host Andrew Gillis, VP of Research and Development for Sepro Systems, chats with Mark Adams, Director of Global Proposals for Outotec – a leader in process technologies and services for metals and mining, industrial water treatment, alternative energy, and chemical industries. Mark shares not only how to break into the non-profit sector, but how to add to its value, the successes he has seen from non-profits and businesses out of the Covid-19 crisis and tips on overseeing remote teams.

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As Andrew delves into Mark’s background, we explore the thread of his work with non-profits going back more than a decade. Mark and Andrew break down the parallels between business management and non-profit management in terms of identifying the greatest obstacles to success for either sector. Strategies to add the most value to non-profits and businesses alike are discussed and explored from the fundraising, finance, administrative, to the more complicated challenges presented by organizations with staff in addition to clients and customers. 

Mark goes into detail about one of the non-profits he currently works with, North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre (NSSRC). He shares how NSSRC’s adapted to drastic changes caused by the Covid-19 crisis through client programming, all the while preserving the safety of their uniquely vulnerable clients who include stroke victims, their family members and their caregivers. He also reveals his approach to identifying future opportunities while prioritizing scenario planning despite the Covid-19 uncertainty.

If there is one thing he knows well, it’s how to manage remote teams. Mark’s experience with remote work goes back well before the Covid-19 crisis. With a team of fifteen people in six different countries, the absolute best case for team phone calls has Mark on the phone at 5 AM PST to speak with his colleagues who join in as late as 10 PM. Mark and Andrew cut right to the core of the leadership skills necessary to manage remote teams, the value of empowerment and autonomy and how to look for hidden blessings as the current crisis forces companies to take a hard look at how their management and leadership structures may detract from employee success.

Mark and Andrew wrap up the second episode discussing specific benefits and pitfalls for individuals working remotely and how communication and management must be adapted to meet the changing needs of employees. Mark’s final note is that this is not the first major challenge the mining industry has faced; we here at Sepro think his advice on reframing the situation is something everyone should hear. 

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