In recent months, we’ve shared some of the success stories from our customer’s gold recovery sites. Our Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator has been the focus of much of the news, however, there is another piece of equipment that can improve recovery even further when incorporated into a gold recovery system – Sepro’s Leach Reactor.

While Sepro Leach Reactors can have a variety of applications, they are used primarily for the recovery and upgrading of gold from gravity concentrate.

Sepro Leach Reactor

How The Sepro Leach Reactor Works?

The advanced leaching system works with a high concentration cyanide solution to dissolve gold particles, from gravity concentrate, into the solution. The dissolved gold can then be recovered from solution by direct electrowinning, carbon adsorption or zinc precipitation. This methods recovers more gold than conventional physical separation methods, such as a conventional shaking table.

Sepro Leach Reactor Key Features

  • Sepro’s patented leach reactor has shown to recover over 99% of the target mineral through a seamless automated process.
  • Laboratory units are also available for those who would like to test how this system could work, before fully implemented it as a primary recovery system.
  • For peace of mind, the Sepro Leach Reactor also has built-in safety features to monitor pH to minimize risk of HCN formation, as well as an HCN monitor for failsafe.
  • Another benefit to the Sepro Leach Reactor is that leached ore can be returned to circuit.

Incorporating The Sepro Leach Reactor Into Your Gold Recovery System

At Sepro Mineral Systems, we understand that every mineral recovery project is different and that’s why we design and supply complete, customizable recovery circuits for our customers, that can incorporate leaching, gravity concentration and electrowinning.

To find out more about how Sepro can help improve your project with our customizable gold recovery systems, speak to your local expert today.