As mineral processing operations grow and become more complex in size there is an increased advantage in incorporating wireless communications to simplify plant designs and layouts.

Sepro Wireless Input/Output (IO) is a fully integrated package deployable on Sepro supplied Falcon Semi-Batch, Continuous and Ultra-Fine Gravity Concentrators. It is designed to reduce installation and wiring costs by replacing the need for traditional wiring runs in order to simplify machine operations. The Sepro Wireless IO requires no software or programming and deploys in minutes.

Each of Sepro’s high-quality Falcon Gravity Concentrators are supplied with a Programmable Automation Controller (AutoPAC). Using Sepro Wireless IO, a factory paired wireless radio attached to the AutoPAC communicates directly with its paired radio counterpart connected to a concentrator pipestring panel.

The standard Falcon Gravity Concentrator AutoPAC includes a programmable variable frequency drive and dynamic brake to control various operating parameters including acceleration ramp, centrifugal field, deceleration ramp, and power draw. Some of the key automated features include vibration sensor/monitor, safety limits, alarms, timers, solenoid control, data trending and automatic shut-down.

Sepro Wireless Input/Output will come optional with all Falcon Semi-Batch, Continuous and Ultra-Fine Gravity Concentrators and in addition, can be retrofitted to any existing concentrator machine. (Retrofit option also available as an alternative, non-Sepro brands.)

Watch video demonstration: Sepro Wireless Input/Output For Falcon Gravity Concentrators

Download the brochure: Sepro Wireless Input/Output

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