Mineral Processing Innovation

Sepro has been the source of major innovation in the mineral processing industry for more than 30 years. With a large patent portfolio and a constant drive to create new products and improve processes, our company is founded on excellence within engineering design.

We work along the entire research and development process, from fundamental research, to existing product improvement. Client feedback over the years has provided us with deep insight into the needs of the industry, guiding us in creating solutions that reduce energy use and water demand.

With increased automation and efficiency as our core goals, you can expect a Sepro product to be at the forefront of the industry.

Did you know?

In addition to running its own internal R&D projects, Sepro also collaborates with Canada’s top universities, as well as mining companies and other equipment suppliers on innovation projects.

Moose River Gravity Circuit

Want to know more about gold recovery? Read the technical paper about the gravity circuit at Atlantic Gold’s Moose River operation.


Sepro Team at Work

# of Falcon SB1350 Gravity Concentrators in the mill circuit


# of Falcon SB1350 Gravity Concentrators in the mill circuit


Amount of cyclone underflow treated by the Falcon Concentrators


Gravity recovery target from feasibility model


Actual gravity gold recovery

18 hours

Overall intensive leach cycle time


Average Sepro Leach Reactor Recovery


Average bullion purity

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