Microwaves will make your mining project better.

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Microwave Energy: 1 kWh/t
Increase Mill Throughput: 13%
Increased Metal Production: 21%
Free Gold: 17% increase
Gold Recovery: 5.3% increase

Increase throughput and metal production
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Low energy microwave treatment within a comminution circuit 


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Microwave Energy: 1 kWh/t
Increase Mill Throughput: 65%
Increased Metal Production: 54%
Locked Chalcoyrite: 20% decrease
Free-95 Chalcopyrite: 28% increase

Case Study: Gold Ore

Case Study: Copper Ore

How do microwaves increase throughput 13-65%?

Reduces Bulk Ore Competency

Target minerals heat differently from gangue. This thermal stress creates microfractures. These microfractures make the ore softer and easier to crush.

Increases Grind Size

Thermal stress between ore and waste material increases the grain size at these boundaries. Improved liberation of the target mineral requires less grinding and produces fewer fines.

Downstream Processes

Reduced grind size and increased ore competency produce further benefits for downstream processes. 

Cleaner mineral liberation improves efficiency for flotation and leaching circuits, often increasing recovery and reducing reagent usage.

Fewer fines improves tailings management, pulp density, and dewatering.