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Peristaltic pumps are widely used in mineral processing plants. Operated in the correct design environment of pressure, temperature and flow, they provide a low maintenance solution for many pumping duties.

The Sepro C-Series peristaltic pumps have all the benefits of other peristaltic pumps with a slower speed advantage for the same flow rate, as well as rotating rollers for gentle hose compression. Our peristaltic pump tubing will typically displace twice the volume of our competitors’. We achieve this through larger pump housing so the pump rollers are in contact with the pump hose for longer periods. C-Series pumps are available in 11 sizes and provide flow rates of up to 110m3/hr and 145 psi discharge pressure.


The Finer Details

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  • Thickener underflow
  • Reagent dosing 
  • Flocculant addition
  • Cyanide dosing and transfer
  • Corrosive, abrasive and viscous products

  • Handling abrasive, aggressive and contaminated fluids
  • Reversible operations that allow pumping in both directions
  • Heavy-duty 316 or 304 stainless steel construction options for operation in corrosive environments 
  • Hoses are available in EPDM, hypalon, nitrile and natural food-grade, nitrile industrial and natural rubber to ensure suitability for most applications

Sepro Peristaltic Pumps can come equipped with a variety of instrumentation and automation including variable frequency drives, rotation counters for accurate flow measurement and leak detection to protect your processes. Contact Sepro’s automation specialists today to learn more about modernizing your fluid transfer processes!

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