Sepro Leach Reactor

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The Sepro Leach Reactor (SLR) is an advanced leaching system for leaching precious metal concentrates generated from gravity concentration circuits; this includes gold leaching. Extensive test work of the Sepro Leach Reactor on-site has shown over 99% of the target mineral can be recovered through a simple, fully automated process that is easily incorporated into gold and silver recovery operations.  Not only does the SLR have low operating costs, it also recovers more gold than conventional physical separation methods.

Laboratory units are also available for agitated leach reactor testing which generate reliable data for scale up to commercial operation. Pilot scale machines are also supplied for field test purposes.

The Finer Details

Sepro Leach Reactors are used primarily for gold leaching, the recovery and upgrading of gold from gravity concentrate.

High concentration cyanide solution is used to dissolve the gold particles into solution. The gold can be recovered from solution by direct electrowinning, carbon adsorption or zinc precipitation as required. This yields a much higher mineral recovery than the conventional shaking table for polishing of gravity concentrates. Leaching kinetics are accelerated by adding oxygen and agitating the solids with a high solidity impeller. This allows high recoveries in a shorter time keeping the footprint small.

  • Streamlined simple intensive leaching design
    • Minimal moving parts
    • Agitated tank leach
  • Valuable metallurgical benefits
    • Clear pregnant solution
    • Ideal feed for electrowinning
    • No loss of fines
    • Leached ore can be returned to circuit
    • Barren solution can be reused
  • Completely automated process
    • Minimal oversight risk
    • Continual monitoring for optimal performance
  • Hassle free maintenance
    • Online instrumentation cleaning and replacement
    • Simple pumps used periodically
    • Rubber lined mixer and leach tank limits wear
  • Optimized safety features
    • pH monitor to minimize risk of HCN formation
    • HCN monitor for failsafe

From concentrate collection to tailings discharge, the Sepro Leach Reactor is a fully automated unit that requires no operator attention. Further, the Sepor Leach Reactor is fully instrumented to control reagent dosages and to monitor for safe operation. 

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