High power cone crusher designed specifically for small-to-medium sized mining and aggregate projects.


The Blackhawk Cone Crusher was the result of Sepro’s heavy investment in research and development. Our innovative and progressive system designs meet the challenges of our customers’ production environment in a powerful and reliable way. The Blackhawk Cone Crusher is helping projects across the world thanks to its:

High Power

The Blackhawk has high horsepower of 90kW. Despite being a piece of aggregate equipment designed for smaller projects, the head diameter (690mm) still allows for high capacity.

Simplified Operation & Maintenance

The Blackhawk Cone Crusher’s arrangement eliminates the need for sheaves and v-belts. The cone crusher’s innovative lock bolt design holds the cone liner in place thus also eliminating the need for a torch or burning ring.


We recognize the emerging needs to have economically viable solutions and environmentally conscious equipment. Having a cone crusher that suits the size of your project means less wasted energy. The machine’s compact design allows for greater mobility, making it suitable for mobile crushing applications too.

Technical Support

Sepro’s team of experts are always on hand to assist. We are able to provide installation supervision, staff training, commissioning and automation.

Call our team, or send us a message, to find out how the Blackhawk Cone Crusher can work for you.

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