It is thought that gold is so rare that the amount of steel created in one hour is equivalent to the amount of gold poured since humans first began using it. Gold really is a precious metal and that is why producers look for the most efficient equipment to help recover it. For a long time, mineral producers forgot about the process of gravity concentration but over the last decade, it has made a resurgence. Now, gold concentrators are seen as one of the most efficient pieces of machinery for gold processing, but why?

Gold Concentrators Eliminate The Need For Harmful Chemicals

Gold producers who use cyanide to leach gold from mineral deposits face large mine closure costs to ensure the cyanide doesn’t harm the environment. Gold concentrators only require power, and a relatively small amount of fluidization water to operate, thus reducing or eliminating the need for storage and treatment of high risk tailings.

Gold concentrators are potentially life saving pieces of equipment for many artisanal miners across the world. Individuals who spend their lives recovering gold in poorer communities are using mercury which can significantly damage their health, and surroundings. Sepro and Falcon created a small scale version of our Falcon Gravity Concentrators, called the iCon, specifically to help those people. More than 500 iCons have helped reduce mercury usage by artisanal miners.

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Low Water Usage

Gold concentrators require low amounts of water compared to other gold recovery options. In fact, our research and development team are currently working to reduce our Falcon SB’s water consumption by even more.

Sepro’s Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator

The Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator is one of the most efficient pieces of equipment for gold recovery on the market for several reasons:

  • The Falcon SB uses an extremely small amount of water during rinse cycles. This reduces the need for the valuable resource that is water, as well as associated water costs.
  • It has the highest G-force power available in the industry which improves the speed of gold recovery. In fact, the Falcon SB has been shown to outperform other leading gold concentrators like the Knelson Concentrator.
  • The Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator has some of the lowest operating costs of any piece of mineral processing equipment. Most find that their costs are as low as a few cents per tonne.
  • The Falcon SB was produced with efficiency in mind and is therefore a perfect piece of equipment to use when the target mineral is in low concentration, which is almost always the case for gold recovery.

At Sepro, we truly believe centrifugal gold concentrators to be the safest, most powerful, and most efficient way to recover gold. That is why we have heavily invested in producing equipment for both large gold mining companies and artisanal miners.

Over the coming months you’ll be able to find our Sepro team at trade shows and conferences across the globe. Right now, our team are meeting gold producers at WAMPEX in Ghana and next week we’ll be at both Elko Mining in the U.S.A. and RIM Zacatecas in Mexico. Come find us to discover more about our gold concentrator and full range of mineral processing equipment.

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