At Sepro Mineral Systems, we provide the highest quality mineral processing equipment to help you optimize your gold recovery, all at the lowest possible cost. We stand behind our equipment and are continuously innovating our technology to meet the rigorous demands of the mineral processing industry. All of our equipment has operating availability of over 95% once it is installed and maintained appropriately, ensuring your work is completed with ease and efficiency. Here are the 3 pieces of equipment we recommend if you are looking to maximize your gold recovery.

Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator

The Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator, with its simple and robust design, can be used to recover liberated precious metals within a grinding circuit and separate precious metals from aggregate deposits. The Falcon is designed to handle overloading, has low water consumption, and features the highest G forces available in the industry. The fully automated, one-touch operation is known as a  “semi-batch” gravity concentrator because it accepts feed throughout the duration of the run cycle but only produces mineral concentrate during periodic rinse cycles. 

Sepro Leach Reactor

The next impressive piece of equipment is the Sepro Leach Reactor, an advanced leaching system shown to recover over 99% of the target mineral through a simple, fully automated process that is easily incorporated into gold and silver recovery operations. The SLR dissolves the gold particles into a solution using high concentration cyanide, which is recovered by direct electrowinning, carbon adsorption or zinc precipitation. This system recovers more gold than conventional physical separation methods in a shorter time and at a lower operating cost, while keeping the footprint small. 

Sepro Tire Drive Agglomerator Drums

Last but not least are Sepro Tire Drive Agglomerator Drums, the industry standard for gold and base metal heap leaching operations. This machinery works to bind fines into an agglomerated product by combining small amounts of cement, lime or organic polymers into the rotary agglomeration drum. This process eliminates “pooling” and “channelling” caused by poor heap permeability, so the valuable metals can be leached effectively. Operators have the ability to fine-tune the operation of the agglomerator depending on the application, whether it is gold ores or copper ores. All units come pre-assembled, with no heavy foundation requirements, low installation costs and short delivery times. 

To learn more about the equipment we offer, contact one of our mining equipment experts today.